Combinations Index


This screen displays hundreds of Point Combinations. Selecting a combination from the list will display information in the text box.


Simplify the use of this screen, by taking advantage of the Search System. Type the search word in the text box, at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the [Go] button will display the combinations that contain the word, if such combinations are found. For instance, typing the word “Lung” will display all the combinations, which relate to lungs. You can also type a longer search query, such as ”Spleen Qi Deficiency”.


Selection of a combination from the search results will display the Combination Description in the text box.


It is possible to resize the display boxes of the screen. Moving the cursor beyond the right side of the Point Combinations List box will change the cursor. It is possible to drag the cursor to the left or to the right in order to change the width of the boxes.


In addition, it is possible to move the cursor to underneath the Point Combinations List box and when it changes, drag it in order to change the ratio between the full list and the search results.


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