Disease Analysis


In this screen, the practitioner can select the Western disease that the patient suffers from. The system will assist the practitioner in comprehending the Western disease in Chinese Medicine terminology and will supply links to the possible treatments.


The Disease Analysis screen displays a list of relevant diseases on the left side of the screen. On the upper right area of the screen, there is a list box, which displays Associated Chinese Syndromes. Underneath the Syndromes box there is the Symptoms box [labeled “Possible symptoms to consider”].


Clicking on a disease displays a list of syndromes and symptoms that might be related to the disease. In addition, you can click on the [Info] button, in order to display more information about the disease.


If you know what your patient’s disease is, mark the appropriate checkbox. After marking the checkbox, continue to the Suggested Treatments. If you do not know the name of the disease, or you suspect the patient actually suffers from another disease, you should use different diagnostic tools available in this screen.


Every Western disease is associated with Chinese syndromes, in order to bridge the conceptual gaps between Western and Eastern Medicine.


In order to identify the possible symptoms, the system begins by searching through all the possible Chinese syndromes, which may be related to a certain disease. Then it looks for all of the symptoms of each syndrome. Some symptoms may not be relevant to the patient. However, the purpose is to provide the practitioner with the broadest tool for finding the optimal treatment in every situation.


In this way, it is possible to browse through the diseases and identify the diseases that best describe the patient’s diagnosis. If no disease is selected, for example - since you are not certain about the diagnosis, try to diagnose according to symptoms or syndromes.


It is possible to sort the Disease List alphabetically, or according to Body Systems.


Click on [Continue] - after you mark one disease or more.

Click on [Filter and Continue] - in order to proceed with the selected disease and activate the Analyzer Wizard.


Click on [Cancel] - if you wish to cancel the diagnosis.


You may click on [Hide Suggestions], in order to hide the display of related syndromes and symptoms.


You may resize the display boxes by dragging the mouse. Place the mouse on the right side of the Disease List, and when the cursor changes, drag it to the right or to the left, in order to determine the ratio between the boxes.


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