It is important to become familiar with the features of the software, in order to take advantage of all it has to offer. As mentioned before, this software differs from other software products in its approach, and does not regard the computer merely as an electronic book. It is possible, of course, to use the softwareís huge database, and search engine.


However, ACE offers more than just data. Direct work with a database provides the user with data, but does not harness the computerís power to making intelligent subsets and drawing conclusions. ACE assists the user during the stages of the Diagnosis, the Filtration, and the selection of Treatment Methods.


In addition, ACE includes Wizards that make the use of the software smoother, produce useful information subsets and help in finding solutions for real life problems.


Familiarity with the software makes it fast and easy to use.


Use the Data Reference system in order to search for terms of Chinese Medicine. With this system, you can access comprehensive information regarding Acupuncture Points, Suggested (Herbal) Formulas, Points Combinations and Chinese Plants. Use the Diagnosis System in order to access information regarding Western Diseases and their correlations with Chinese Medicine, Symptoms and their correlations with Chinese Medicine and Chinese Syndromes.


Use the Diagnosis System in order to diagnose a patient. The software can assist you in analyzing the patientís condition, and apply diagnosis related functions, such as the Filtering System.


Use the Treatment System for treatment and guidance options. This system becomes active after one diagnosis, at least, is performed.

It is possible to use the wizards instead of using the software manually, or in addition. The Operating Wizard takes you step by step through the software system. The Solution Wizard helps you find solutions and data subsets according to queries and criteria.


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