Formula Order Form


Use this form for ordering a formula you composed. The form specifies all of the formulaís details, including the names of the herbs, the pharmacological names and the dosages. Furthermore, the form includes all the other essential details, such as the name of the practitioner, the patientís name, quantities, instructions etc.


Send To: It is possible to select the vendor to whom the Order Form will be sent. Vendor details can be added to the list using the [Add to List] button.


The practitionerís details are filled out automatically, if they were stored in the Properties screen of the software. It is also possible to add information or change fields manually.


Email: Clicking this button will send the form using your default email program. You have to make sure your default email program is appropriately set. If you cannot operate it, you can use [save] button and then copy it manually.


Fax: Clicking this button will transfer the form to the Fax/printer.


Save: Clicking this button will enable you to save the form as text file. You can later use any text editor to read it.



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