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The ACE software program, which is characterized by its ability to direct the practitioner to select acu-points appropriate for each specific patient, also enables treatment to be tailored to a precise point in time, making the results more effective.

Throughout the thousands of years that acupuncture has been practiced, Chrono-acupuncture has been well documented, with the foundations for the connection between heavenly processes and space rooted in the days of the Yellow Emperor.

“The energy of Heaven moves downwards and the energy of Earth moves upwards, so that communication of energies takes place in the middle where man resides.”  (Su Wen, Chapter 68).

Already the Nei Jing referred to the connection of sickness and health with the dimension of time, and seasons of the year.  The ancient doctors understood that the human body represents a microcosm of the entire world, the meeting place between the heavenly and earthly energies. Furthermore, they discovered the chronological connection between the processes that take place in the macrocosm and their inner expressions in the microcosm – man.

The Theory of the Open Hours connects the natural flow of the five elements, the ten heavenly stems that are derived from them, and the twelve earthly branches; with man’s biological clock. This way it is possible to treat a patient at the time that his body is most properly prepared to receive the treatment.

The ACE software program performs these calculations, and presents the practitioner with the most effective hours for treatment using the various acu-points. In addition, the practitioner may also post an inquiry to the program, as to when it is best to schedule a patient’s appointment in order for a specific acu-point to be optimally activated.

From the Diagnostics menu, the practitioner chooses “Open Points & Meridians,” or F6 on the keyboard. A table will appear listing the hours of the week (a type of calendar), along with acu-points and meridians preferred for treatment during these hours.

At the bottom right side of the table, a list of acu-points can be opened by using the arrow. It is possible to move to the previous or next week by selecting “Change Date” from the menu, or with the F3 and F4 keys.

For example:


To determine the best hour during the week starting 2/17/05 to treat the problem of Stomach heat using the acu-point ST-44, select this point and the table will emphasize the day 2/21/05 between the hours 7-9 pm.

It is in this manner that the practitioner may maximally take advantage of the qualities of the acu-point ST-44 with his patient.

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