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The Great Movement (G.M.) depicts the relationships among the Five Elements on the Planet Earth during any given year. This relationship is created by the movement of the Earth in conjunction with the movement of five planets around the Sun (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn). Each one of these planets of the Solar System represents one of the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Metal, Wood and Earth).

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The movement of the planets around the Sun is manifested each year as Great Movement (G.M.), which creates a dynamic imbalance on the Earth.

The Celestial Stem depicts the energetic connections among the 10 Organs of the body (the Pericardium and Triple Burner are not counted as organs) and the Five Elements.


The Four Possibilities depict the potential disharmonies (imbalances) of the Five Elements that may result from the combination of the energy of the Great Movement with those of the Celestial Stem and the Deep Energy.

This disharmony or imbalance is often at the root of human illness and will manifest clinically with clear signs and symptoms, both physical and emotional. These will be evident on diagnosis, by observation and from the pulse.

The possibilities change each year.  Generally, a patient will have a permanent imbalance that manifests with varying degrees of intensity at different times, but there are also instances of different possibilities manifesting during different periods of a person's life. We may even see changes during the course of a treatment period, as the treatment progresses.

Deep Energy (D.E.) depicts the physiological functioning of the Organ, as manifested by the quality of the Qi flowing through the Organ Channel.

This quality of Qi differs from the quality of the Celestial Stem of the Organ and is determined by the order of the flow of Qi in the Channels, in accordance with the movement of the biological clock.

Division Energy depicts the "internal climate" of the individual and indicates whether there is a tendency to excess of Heat, Dampness, Dryness, Cold or Wind, according to the Six-Channel Theory.


Each year there is an excessive influence of one of the climatic energies on Earth, which causes the climate in the second half of the year to be diametrically opposed to that in the first half.

Thus, an individual born during the first half of the year will have an "internal climate" different from an individual born during the second half of the year.

The Earthly Branch describes the karmic connection of an individual to one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The animals define the various "behavioral molds" related to the spiritual development of an individual.

Often, psychological or emotional problems result from conflicts created when an individual has to contend with his or her basic behavioral mold. Treatment of such problems will often reveal that the patient has qualities of the animal that is "opposite" to his or her Earthly Branch animal. This situation is similar to the concepts in Western astrology of the birth sign and the ascending sign.

The function of Corrective Energy is to balance the excesses of climatic energies. If the clinical picture is one in which the Division Energy is too dominant and the "internal climate" is not in balance, a balancing influence may be attained by selecting an acupoint with Deep Energy as the Corrective Energy.

The Deficient Organs table shows the weak systems in the human energetic structure. These systems are often deficient in Qi, which will lead to the development of symptoms and illnesses during an individual's lifetime.

The deficient Elements (EL) are deduced from the birth chart. These are the Elements that are not represented by the Great Movement, the Celestial Stem, the Earthly Branch or the Division Energy.

The deficient Energies (EN) are also deduced from the birth chart. These are the Deep Energies that are not represented by the Celestial Stem, the Earthly Branch or the Division Energy. Combining the deficient Elements (EL) and the deficient Energies (EN) will give us an indication of the deficient Organs.

If an Element is not represented, neither on the elemental level or the Deep Energy level, this is indicative of a congenital deficiency of the Element itself. This usually manifests systemically and should be treated accordingly, including recommending life-style changes that will support creation of the Element that is lacking.

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