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ACE - Acupuncture Expert

New! Get the extended version! The same incredible acupuncture software with an upgrade that includes the enhanced data module

Ace, acupuncture expert, is now better than ever!


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medical acupuncture and t.c.m.

Best acupuncture software:
A huge upgraded database (Acu-Points, Formulas, Herbs, Combinations, Syndromes, Symptoms, Diseases, Charts and Cross-sections) new wizards and better smoother navigation.

Easiest acupuncture software:
Menus, Sidebars, Toolbars, Shortcuts.

Smartest acupuncture software:
Operating wizard, Solution wizard, Diseases filters, Tongue & Pulse filters,
chrono acupuncture.

Quickest acupuncture software:
Quick solution guides, improved shortcuts, new XP style approach.

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Please also check our newest product Ė Taoclinic Professional.

Taoclinic Professional is the next generation acupuncture software for Chinese medicine. It includes Ace technologies and enhanced patient and clinic management, and much much more.

ACE, the new acupuncture software, was developed in order to provide the practitioner with an especially effective tool for treatment according to Chinese Medicine. Both professionals, as well as students of Chinese Medicine, will find the program to be of great use.

Additionally, emphasis was placed on devising operating options that are especially convenient for professionals in other fields of medicine, who are also interested in diagnosing and treating according to Chinese Medicine. For instance, western medical doctors will find ACE a unique and extraordinary tool, and more effective than any other computerized tool that currently exists.

The program is structured to be used either as a main diagnostic tool, or, as complementary tool along with other programs. Thus, almost everybody with interest or working in the field of Chinese Medicine may take advantage of its impressive capabilities and options, both as a sole working tool, or when integrated into existing ones.

With ACE, the new software for Chinese medicine, you can go beyond the old fashion static book-like approach. Ace presents not only a huge database at your disposal, but will actually provide help in diagnosing, filtering and treating your patient.

Wizards! The program contains many wizards that guide the practitioner by asking of his or her needs, and by gearing specific steps in the program to what the practitioner wants to derive.

Operating Wizard: The operating wizard enables operating the programís choices in a focused manner, which leads the user, via guiding questions, into the depths of the program.

Solution Wizard: A unique wizard that helps with problem-solution and receipt of cross-sections of data, according to complex inquiries that is easy to operate.

Diagnosis: For the first time, in a revolutionary manner, the program leads the practitioner, through unique questioning, to a precise diagnosis. Furthermore, the program provides the most appropriate treatment for each specific patient, while still enabling the practitioner to add his or her own personal treatment preferences.

Diagnosis may be made by examining patient symptoms, western diseases, or according to Chinese syndromes. Data may be received during each and every step, and diagnosis made based on this data, or based on any possible combination among them.

This diagnostic tool enables the practitioner to reach a diagnosis based on the patientís symptoms, along with pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Brainstorming: When diagnosis is performed according to disease, and/or symptom diagnosis, and/or typing name of disease, the program brings to the practitionerís attention additional symptoms which are likely to appear.

Treatments: New in the field! ACE provides graphs that demonstrate effectiveness of acu-points, point combinations and formulas for a specific patient.

Formula Ordering: The program permits the practitioner to select a formula and to revise it, change the dosages, make modifications, and send it by fax or email. Additionally, it permits the practitioner to save each formula order for every patient.


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